Being a Layog Country Farm Volunteer, Philippines – A Video from Jason Ang

PHILIPPINES, 23 June to 1 July 2015

Jason (in purple shirt) with Lina and other volunteers at Layog Country Farm
Jason (in purple shirt) with Lina and other volunteers at Layog Country Farm

Gan Jen Ling, Nurul Amerah and Jason Ang Wei Lung, from Golden Key UTM Student Chapter traveled to Philippines for a volunteering project. We came to Layog Country Farm in Mountain Province. We really enjoy the stay in LCF not only because of the peacefulness but also the hospitality of people in LCF.

For the very first time in my life, I was so impressed by the breath-taking scenery of mountains there. Next, I get to know Aunty Lina, her daughter ,Aunty Marylene and her grandson, Javer. The workers in LCF are also very kind-hearted by guiding us step by step for the farming. They are indeed helpful and welcoming.

We have a wonderful experience of being a conventional farmer during the 1-week stay in LCF. It was very experiential where we get to know a lot of farming knowledge and skills such as Vermi-compost, planting banana trees, coffee plantation, organic farming, micro-organism fertilizing, proper weeding, feeding rabbits and sheeps.

Jason with Malaysian Volunteers enjoying an evening of music layog country farm
Jason with Malaysian Volunteers enjoying an evening of music

Frankly to say, I felt like home in LCF. The condition of the cottage is indeed comfortable with complete furniture, bedroom, kitchen and living room. We are volunteers, guests and friends as well to LCF. For the purpose of volunteering, I never think of having such different lifetime experience in LCF.

Watch Jason’s Video HERE

Layog Country Farm is certainly more than a conventional organic farm. It was the place where many local and foreign volunteers visited and international friendship connected. If you are passionate to volunteer abroad and enjoy farming works. Layog Country Farm is the best place to spend during the summer break! I would never ever forget the people, food, mountains and many other little moments in LCF!

The good thing in life is free and it’s better to do the right thing during your free time.
So, please contact Layog Country Farm for volunteering matters and save your next summer holidays for a favorable stay with the family in Layog Country Farm!

Herewith a short poem for the family and friends in LCF:

No matter the memorable pictures;
Or the unforgettable happy hours;
Here where we knew each other;
You all are pretty nice people;
Hope we meet again in future;
Take care my brothers and sisters!
And keep in touch!

Watch Jason’s Video HERE


9 comments on “Being a Layog Country Farm Volunteer, Philippines – A Video from Jason Ang”
  1. texterou says:

    The video is not available for viewing. I Would have loved to see the volunteers in action h


    1. I have checked the link for the video and it is working. Please make sure you are able to view youtube videos on your device. Here is the direct link to youtube for the video


      1. texterou says:

        The notice says it cannot be accessed for viewing. I checked whether I ca access other videoson you tube and I can only then did I make the comment. Icidentally, I used my Iphone 6 plus for the purpose.


    2. charlie chong says:

      Dear Gan Jen Ling, Nurul Amerah and Jason Ang Wei Lung:

      I am pleasantly surprised to know that people at LCF were
      kind and helpful. And I salute to your intelligent choice of
      the LCF farm.


      1. Charlie Chong, you are also invited to come and volunteer at Layog Country Farm should you have a chance. You are most welcome to join us.


  2. Danarlene(=^_^=) says:

    Love watching this video . . . Properly working in my end 😊 Hope more videos will be uploaded by the volunteers 💐 And looking forward to be at the farm in the near future ❤️


    1. In as long as the volunteers or other guest are convinced and support what the farm stands for with regard to the care of Mother Earth,
      then surely they would want to document it by making video films or using other methods.

      I am pretty sure there will be more video films to be uploaded in the near future.


  3. Marylene Pe says:

    Glad to watch these video films, its sharing one’s experiences at the farm with those who have not visited LCF yet, welcome volunteers and support us in caring for Mother Earth


    1. The volunteers are welcome to come and tune in to peace, serenity and simple country life in our farm.
      You can partake in our farm activities on organic farming methods which gives you more knowledge about sustainability.

      Socializing with the native farm assistants will be a good opportunity of enriching you cultural experience.


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