Can I honestly say “I love getting older?”

60th birthday card

Many of us in the family who are amateur photographers take lots of photos at the farm. I love to make cards out of these photos with a corresponding quote which has inspired or touched me in some ways.

Here is sharing you the postcards I made for myself on my 60th birthday. Turning 60 does not scare me as I am getting older but in fact, inspires me because I look forward to work full time at the farm when I retire at the age of 62 from my present work as a teacher. I would say I am privileged and I am thankful  that I am able to choose what I will do when I retire. I can just imagine a life where I can slow down and simply do the things I love most which is flower gardening. It will be a chance for me to:

Be Open enough to see opportunities

Be wise enough to be grateful

Be courageous enough to be happy.

My daughter wrote on my birthday card that she was happy that despite me getting older I still dare to make big plans about what I will do in the future. I knew she was referring of course to my plan of spending more time at Layog Country Farm when I retire. When I was a little girl I always dreamed of having my own botanical garden. Surely it won’t be a botanical garden I will be dealing with now but I will definitely be dedicating my time talking about sustainable/responsible farming in my local community. I will have a good time to spread our advocacy on focusing on each one’s responsibility in the care of our environment. That is my dream and I know no one is never too old to dream a new dream. As C.S.Lewis has said

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream…. “



2 comments on “Can I honestly say “I love getting older?””
  1. mary marrero says:

    I just wonder who “Auntie Lina” is? Is she the same as the blogger layogcountryfarm? “Auntie
    Lina” seem to be very passionate about the farm.


    1. Yes, “Auntie Lina” is the same as the layog country farm blogger. Maybe I would
      write a blog about “Auntie Lina” and why she decided to have her own corner.


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