A Special 60th Birthday Wish – Tree Planting at LCF

I was asked by one of our farm assistants what I want on my 60th birthday and I requested her to plant a fruit tree for me. It ended up that they arranged a tree planting day as my gift. They planted at least a minimum of 200 trees (fruit trees, ornamental trees, coffee,forage trees and also bamboos of different varieties.) What more could I ask for? What a wonderful gift.

Mulberry Tree
Mulberry Tree
planting bamboos at Lola Julia's Bamboo Garden
planting bamboos at Lola Julia’s Bamboo Garden

An idea was born. We will make it a tradition from now on that it will be a “tree planting” day at LCF on my birthday. Then it will be a common lunch for the farm assistants as part of the tree planting activity.

Planting bamboos and redbushes
Planting bamboos and redbushes

The wrath of Typhoon Ineng has not spared the farm from heavy damages. It was terrifying and heartbreaking to see all the landslides caused at the farm. So receiving such gift is timely as we have to move on and planting trees as preventive measures to erosion is just perfect.

I know for one thing that as Lucy Larcom has said “He who plants a TREE plants a HOPE”.

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