The Layog Country Farm Kitchen Adventure

Get your cooking instinct working and come up with healthy dishes that would keep your palette in constant adventure. That is the challenge for people who want to get themselves immersed into the total farm experience. Use every ingredients available in the farm to come with a dish those tasting it out would want to ask how it was done. Now,  let our farm foodie  adventure begin.

Let us go the paleo way for a start. Let us eat the way our forefathers did.

sapsapon salad with banana based salad dressing

That is “sapsapon” salad, you see in the photo. It is simple to prepare. Just blanch the “sapsapon” with hot water then mix it with diced onions and tomatoes. Toss it with organic salad dressing. In this case, a banana based salad dressing made out of bananas produced in the farm. Now have a taste. You would surely like it. That indescribable distinct aroma of  “sapsapon” would surely make your “sapsapon” encounter one for the books.

sapsapon plant

“Sapsapon” as the locals call it is a common plant growing wild in the area. Our forefathers have introduced us to eating “sapsapon” but sadly, not many locals do that anymore. We are hoping to re-introduce it to the local cuisine by experimenting on various ways to cook it.

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