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From the Farm to the People

First dragon fruit harvest (2014)

All our produce, basically fruits and vegetables, are delivered directly to consumers in communities around the farm. There are no middlemen involved. We have deliberately brought prices to a level within the reach of families with limited food budget. We did not want people to be deprived of their right to healthy food simply because they can not afford it. That is part of the reason the farm has been set up.

The call of the  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations  to all entities, both public and private, to work together to ensure food security where “all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food which meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.” is a challenge, we at LCF take seriously and which we hope everyone does. We can all contribute to this challenge. No effort is insignificant.

Fresh birds eye chilli called “siling labuyo” in our dialect

As of date, our customers base continue to expand. We have customers who contact us  regularly to find out what vegetables and fruits are in season and  place their orders to be delivered.  Slowly, we are putting in place a distribution network made possible by customers who have become friends of the farm.

The whole family, have also rallied their support behind the farm. We are a big extended family. Add to that our friends and friends of friends and acquintances and already we have many customers to serve. The farm can not fully meet the demands at the moment. Currently, we are simply trying to serve orders from regular customers from the communities around the farm and orders of relatives and their friends most of whom reside in Baguio City. This is only in the interim while we try to increase production to meet the demands

We have customers who want to experience the joy  of harvesting their own food  directly at the farm. We are givng them the priority. We want to give those interested to experience the fun of farming the chance to do just that and hopefully in the process, we gain more natural farming adherents.

Layog Country farm will continue to be guided in all aspects of its work with the desire to serve people, most especially those living in villages in the fringes of the farm, not only to have access to healthy food produced sustainably but enabling the communities to produce their own healthy food.

organic pumpkins
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