No Way, I’m not Getting a Ride

The farm does not have it’s own vehicle transport. If you want to go to the town center or to any place around the area, you must take the regular passenger transport that regularly passes the farm early morning. That means, if you intend to travel and you miss it, then you have to postpone it for the next day.

LCF Volunteer Topload Ride Experience
LCF Volunteer Topload Ride Experience

Wait! You do not  really have to but you must be one with an adventurous spirit. The other option is not for those with a faint of heart. You see cargo trucks pass by the farm every after 20 minutes. They are mostly loaded with sand used in construction projects.

You can flag them and request the driver and his helpers to give you a ride. You would never be refused but be prepared to take the ride of your life. The only seat available for you would be on top of the cargo. Not everybody’s kind of adventure but the ride has its rewards. It offers you an unobstructed view of picture perfect sceneries along the way while the wind gently caresses your face. More than that it is for free.

Our farm volunteers seem to have developed the knack of doing it. They have turned it to their regular travel modus operandi. They see it as fun.

toploading 2
LCF Volunteers – Enjoying the Top Load Ride

The mother instinct in me makes my heart just pump with worry when I hear of them travelling “on top of the load” way.  But they are adults, they can take care of themselves. Who can argue against adventure and fun?


2 comments on “No Way, I’m not Getting a Ride”
  1. eric mandit says:

    Such a great place to visit.


    1. Thank you and I hope you and your family are coming again for a visit.
      Your son would surely be interested to feed the rabbits during your nexr visit.


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