Sapsapon Salad

Let us go the paleo way for a start. let us eat the way our forefathers did.

That is “sapsapon” salad, you see in the photo.


“Sapsapon” as the locals call it is a common plant growing wild in the area.
Our forefathers have introduced us to eating “sapsapon” but sadly, not many locals do that any more.¬†We are hoping to re-introduce it to the local cuisine by experimenting on various ways to cook it.



4 comments on “Sapsapon Salad”
  1. mary marrero says:

    I admire your farm for using the wild edible plants existing in your farm as food. It is a pity that you do not post anymore.


    1. Thank you Mary for appreciating that we make use of all available edible wild plants in our farm as part of what we eat in our daily meals. I would also thank you for reminding me that we should really be posting more about the local recipes in our community.


      1. mary marrero says:

        Oh that’s good! I look forward to read the next post.


      2. Thank you, I will be posting a new farm menu soon about vegetar burger.


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