Behind The Dark Clouds

Sometimes in life,

dark clouds come and hide the sun,

but that doesn’t mean the sun is really gone.

                      unknowndark clouds

Published by layogcountryfarm

Executive Director of Layog Country Farm Center for Sustainable Futures

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    1. I practically selected this quote because it affects me personally. We have just experienced terrible damages
      at the farm caused by the storm and it feels the impact was so much to bear. it happened just at the moment we were mourning the
      death of my mother. It gives you that feeling of resignation.
      But at the end I have to remind myself that this are only material damages. Today is a page on my book about storm,
      damages and disappointments. Tomorrow, I am sure I can also open a new page for hope, inspiration and the sunshine.

      1. Sometimes when we will be met with trying moments then we should really try to see what what positive thing can this bring to us.
        It migh bring us opportunities to do something better. Who knows these diffcult encounters can serve as stepping stones to a greater
        and more rewarding experience.

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