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Lina’s Cottage – Layog Country Farm


Lina’s Cottage is built at the area of the farm located above the national road. It was the first building to be constructed after it was reopened in 2008 and was  finished in 2009. It was originally constructed for the caretaker of the farm but then his family refused to live there because they considered it as isolated from the rest of the community. The caretaker as a consequence resigned and Lina who was already the farm coordinator at that time saw the golden opportunity to have it as her own residential cottage and named it Lina’s Cottage.

Lina’s cottage is in the meantime serving as the temporary office of the farm while the office and seminar building is being constructed.The cottage serves as a meeting place for the Layog family and their  friends. It is always open to welcome  visitors who are interested to find out about our work, to our volunteers, to passersby by who needs water to drink or visitors who are just dropping by because they are curious.

It is the kitchen of Lina’s cottage which is being used when we cook food for the participants of seminars being conducted at the farm.

Our volunteers socializing with each other after a lunch break at the front yard of Lina’s cottage.
Cottage balcony as a working place
The family at the balcony of Lina’s farm trying to spend a peaceful weekend.
Some exchange of ideas with our volunteers Mark and Amaris at the cottage balcony.
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