Lola Julia’s Bamboo Garden – Developments

There are now new developments with regard to the project about my mother’s bamboo garden (Lola Julia’s Bamboo Garden) which was started last month. The plan is to develop a little park at the entrance to welcome the visitors to the bamboo garden. A native hut is presently being constructed by Joseph, our farm assistant. Joseph is in charge when it comes to implementing measures indicated in the plan, in order to have most of the planting and landscaping done before the blessing of Lola Julia’s Bamboo Garden scheduled on July 2016.

A sitting area with an ornamental tree planted at the center to serve as shade for visitors.
Some flower beds with ornamental bushes exist now and so with ornamental bamboos planted as hedges.

The hut will serve as a sitting place but can also serve as an eating area for those who want a picnic in the garden. All materials to be used in building the hut will be from the local area around the farm. Grasses for the roof and bamboos for the walls and benches. We’ll be constructing bamboo benches on both sides of the hut.

Our native hut under construction.
One can have a good view of the whole bamboo garden from here and at the farm’s dragon fruit plantation located above the road.

I look forward to posting new updates by December. Hopefully, by that time I can post some photos of the new varieties of bamboos, like the purple and yellow bamboos which are already planted. It will also be exciting to see the native hut finished by then.


6 comments on “Lola Julia’s Bamboo Garden – Developments”
  1. Cheyrill Layog-Cartwright says:

    Wow, very nice and beautiful. The farm has lot improvements. Mayat ay manbakasyonan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hei Cherry, I am really happy of the developments happening. Hopefully someday Lola Julia’s Bamboo Garden will not only be a picnic area but also be used as a demo farm in bamboo gardening.


  2. jen says:

    this so beautiful and peaceful. The cottages are beautiful and lots of improvement.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hei Jen! Nice to hear from you after sometime. Yes, there had been small improvements being done after you left. We had some terrible damages after the typhoon but we are trying to build things up again. I hope to see you at the farm again in the future.


  3. Marlene says:

    Wish that the Circular Sitting area be a Heart shape since it represent our love to lola Julia.


    1. Nice suggestion maybe we can find other ways of designing the heart as a symbol of our love to lola.
      We will take that into consideration in the further planning.


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