Accommodation at Layog Country Farm

Layog Country Farm has 2 cottages for the volunteers. Each cottage is complete with kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.The bedrooms are to be shared by two persons and the cottage has a capacity for 4 persons.Totally we can take 8 volunteers at the same time. Poklang’s Cottage is named after my Uncle Paulino “Poklang” while Milagros cottage is named after my eldest sister Milagros (Aglos).

Milagros’ and Poklang’s Cottage just some 50 meters away from each other.
Poklang’s Cotttage

The volunteers cook their own food at their cottages. The host provide for the food supply. Fruits and vegetables usually come from the produce of the farm. If there are very special food you need then you have to buy it yourself. There are times however that you are invited to eat with the family host. There are also possiblities of learning to cook the native food  together with the host. At the same time you can also share your knowledge of cooking to the host or to the rest of the volunteers.

Ruth and Amaris preparing their dinner
Randolph, Joy, Clara and Henna enjoying together a meal they have prepared.

Our bedroom is good for two person. It is a double decker.

A double decker bed
Lockers and a small table at the bedroom
Dining table at Poklang’s cottage
Dining table at Milagros’ cottage

Both cottages have balconies at their front side. A good place to rest during humid and warm weather.

balcony- milagros cottage
Balcony at Milagros’ cottage.
Hall way at Poklang’s cottage

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