Be an Eco-Warrior: Join the Action and Make a Difference

Our survival is at stake. Take heed. Take action. Join the war against the wanton destruction of our Mother Earth. No action is a small action. Looking for ways to do it? Come join us on our farm.

Volunteers preparing bamboo fences for the garden

The Layog Country Farm is built around sustainable farming principles taught us by our forefathers: Partake in all the life- giving gifts the land could give you but make sure you leave the environment unharmed; do not get more than what you could give the land back and most of all, take care of the land and the land will take care of you. These principles defined what the farm was and will continue to define what the farm is and will be

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Volunteers gathering sunflower plant to be chopped and composted as fertilizer

There is a farmer in the heart of every one of us. The desire to care and nurture is a human nature many of us have long given up in the pursuit of our material dream which in our times is the ultimate measure of success we have come to believe. In the process, we have sentenced ourselves to live in that small world of “me” and robbing ourselves of the chance to really experience how it is to live.

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Volunteers potting mulberry cuttings

Rediscovering our kinship with the land – with nature, could lead us back to the world of “us”. It makes us see our interconnectedness as beings in this earth. It makes us listen to that lost voice within us to refocus the center of our universe from “I” to “we”. It opens our mind to the truth that only in celebrating our interconnectedness could we ever know how it is to really live.

carrots and volunteers
Volunteers helping to gather the carrots for the market

Restoring and invigorating the tepid if not lost connection of people with the nature and the land is what the farm offers to facilitate. The farm wants to walk those wanting to unleash the nurturing and caring spirit sleeping within themselves  through doors of opportunities to where such is possible. Together with a community of indigenous eco-warriors, they are invited to participate in all the rituals of working the land to produce life so other lives may continue to live. Experience firsthand the interconnectedness of land, nature and human life: how every action that every human takes can either negate or promote life.

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A volunteer helping in cutting down sugar cane plants

It is going to be one of a kind experience guaranteed to be filled with adventure and fun. But at the core of this experience, is an expectation that those who have gone through it would leave the farm with a critical mind and an openness to be a catalyst for change. An expectation that they gain a better respect for life and everything that sustains it: down to every morsel of food. Nothing is to be wasted because to waste is to rob others connected to us of their right to life.

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Volunteers cutting into small pieces the banana trunk as a substrate in vermi composting

The invitation is out. Are you an eco-warrior enough to take it? Then come live the challenge. The farm awaits you.

til volunteer post
A volunteer arranging the potted plants at the farm nursery

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  1. I love this line –> “There is a farmer in the heart of everyone of us.”

    1. Yes, Stephanie, I am sure many of us are finding our connection to the soil and to our food. You can also see the trend that even in urban areas many are also trying to grow their own food like potting their vegetables.

  2. May I please know if your volunteer program is meant only for foreigners or do you accept also Filipinos?

    1. No, Layog Country Farm’s volunteer program is open for the public both on the local, national and international level. We have had some Filipino volunteers already coming from the different parts of the Philippines. It just happened that we have more foreigners applying as volunteers.

  3. Can I apply as a volunteer even if I am not good in working manually on the fields? I am good in taking pictures so maybe you have a need also of a photographer?

    1. Of course, you are welcome to apply as a volunteer even if you are not good with manual work as you have mentioned. We always ask what each volunteer think they can contribute to the development of the farm. Our volunteers have different skills and we get the best results both for the host and the volunteer if they can contribute with what they are good at.

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