Rattan Fruit(Littuko) as “Pasalubong”

We have just harvested seedless rattan fruit(Littuko) from the farm the day before I travelled to Baguio to  visit relatives and friends and  I thought of bringing these rattan fruits as  special pasalubong

Giving pasalubong is a cultural Filipino tradition of travellers bringing gifts from their destination to friends and family back home. The gesture of handing out pasalubong emphasizes the gladness at reuniting with friends and one’s loved ones but it is also a sign of thoughtfulness.(pasalubong)

The first person I visited upon arriving the city was my friend Professor Lulu Fang-asan. Unluckily I did not catch her at her office at Baguio State University since she was out. That was the consequence of not making an appointment. My plan of surprising her did not work out well. Anyway, I left my gift to a lady who was at the office and requested her to hand it over to Lulu when she arrives. I have not heard from Lulu  for a while but I suppose she enjoyed eating the littuko. Why? Because this is what I found in her timeline. When I saw the photo I knew she liked her pasalubong but at the same time, the photo she posted  in her timeline was also a free advertisement for the sweet seedless rattan fruit (littuko) of Layog Country Farm.

sweet littuko
This was the  photo posted at my friend’s timeline describing LCF’s littuko

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  1. I never liked littuko. But my uncle brought me a bag of rattan fruit from LCF and I just can’t believe I ate a lot. I shared it to my “alaga” and he loved it too. 🙂

    1. Hei Sharon! I am glad you liked the “littuko” rattan fruit. Those who have tasted really says it is not that sour or in other words it is sweet as compared to the ordinary littuko. It is only a pity that it is the only one we have which is seedless and sweet because the rest are sour like what you expect of a littuko fruit.

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