A Reason to Rejoice

“The Department of Tourism has accredited the farm as a tourist destination” she said. “That makes the Layog Country Farm, the first ecology oriented farm to be accredited as a tourist destination in the Cordilleras” she went on.  The excitement was just bubbling in her voice. That was my sister, Lina in Norway, on the phone. It was wee hours in the morning, so while I know she was sharing me some good news my still foggy mind refused to spike my adrenalin into a celebratory mood.

Layog Country Farm Certificate
Certificate of accreditation as an agritourism farm

“Really!” I managed to say in response. Such a stoic response could  have dampened someones celebratory mood but not Lina. “After all the problems, it does seem all the work we are putting into the farm is now paying off” she continued. Her voice still fully animated.I know all the problems she was talking about. For years, efforts to get the support of local government agencies to get the vision of the farm to see the practice of  ecological farming become widespread in the area received tepid reception.

“First, we got a certificate of recognition from an international tourism organization,” she continued not even pausing to find out if I was still listening. “Then the Agricultural Training Institute of the Department of Agriculture accredited us as a training site and now this”, her voice rising in crescendo.

TIES Membership Certificate

There is a reason to be jubilant. Accreditation processes do not come easy. It was like you are taking one of these professional board examinations. You prepare so hard for it and then when you are done with the examinations, you wait anxiously whether you made it or not. “Yes,  we made it.” She cried out loud. Something you do when you jump from one barrier of difficulties to another.

learningsite F

She was ecstatic but I am sure at the back of her mind, she knew things would not  be going easier. As you raise the bar, you raise the expectations.

“There is so much to do, I know.” Her voice now calm and steady. “There are challenges ahead but we will overcome.” She is no stranger to challenges. “You could do it.” I said trying to reassure her. I know, without doubt, she would prove equal to the challenges.

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Executive Director of Layog Country Farm Center for Sustainable Futures

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  1. Wow! What a way of starting 2016! Congtratulations and Good Luck for your New Venture. You are indeed an entrepreneur who don’t wait for your chances but instead create them, that is what you did…

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I am pretty sure we will be meeting challenges and obstacles as we try to continue developing the farm. I choose however to treat such as a stepping stone to be better.

    1. Thank you Christy! We are still planning on a natural play area for the children as I mentioned to Connie before. I hope we have it ready next time the children are coming for their next visit.

  2. the ist time I saw your fb profile, I know you will reach the height wherein your works, the tiring moments you shared with the people in your place will find the way for a more and better learning site to go back to where the Lord wants it to be. nature, God created them for men to have dominions and take care of it not to destroy them.

    1. It is heartwarming to have people like you who is supportive in our cause. It has not been easy to spread our advocacy. We encounter stumbling blocks every now and then. I have to admit that there were moments when it was tempting to give up. I started to doubt on whether I was following the right path but I am glad that the struggles I have encountered has made me stronger. Practically, I am now more inspired to work further and be more involved with the community.
      Thank you for the kind words Ma Teresa.

  3. Congratulations auntie. We are so happy for the Layog Country Farm. It’s really a dream come true. God bless all those who in one way supported Layog Country Farm. Matago-tago tako am-in.

    1. Wen, matago tago tako am in! Yes, it is a dream come true with regard to the accreditation but I am reshaping that dream to reach a further development so we could be of better service to the local community where our farm is located.

  4. Congratulations and best of luck in the future! Let’s hope the farm continues to evolve in such a great way 🙂

  5. Congratulatons! Keep cultivating the soil to produce the bounty of God’s blessings for the people of Kayan and beyond… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you for the greetings Larry! Yes, we are doing our best to make the farm a showcase for sustainable farming. We are hoping to be able to inspire some of the younger generation to take farming as a profession too and be proud of it.

    2. Thank you Larry. Yes, I am a very proud farmer from Kayan. I hope too that the community will continue to be supportive in spreading our advocacy on sustainable farming. Layog Country Farm will continue to be supplying our barrio with locally produced chemical free food.

  6. It is a wonderful feeling indeed that the farm that once had been our family playground is now a place we share with the world. I look forward for the time Baron and Bradley will enjoy the same happiness I experienced running LCF grounds. Are the dragonflies still there? Perhaps Brian and I should plan for a longer vacation. I am excited!

    1. Welcome to Layog Country Farm! Dear Ivy, Brian, Baron and Bradley. It will be a pleasure to have you for a visit. Of course the dragonflies still exist out there but so much has changed too. The boys will surely enjoy feeding rabbits and climbing trees.
      It was three years ago when I visited you in New York so time is ripe for meeting each other again.

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