Giving Up?

There are times when you think life is unfair and the only option left for you is to give up but don’t quit  …..


Desmund Tutu has wisely said,”Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” I choose never to give up despite all adversities. There is surely another chance to try again tomorrow.


4 comments on “Giving Up?”
  1. mary marrero says:

    We should never forget that the good Lord is always there to comfort us in times of despair and sorrow.


    1. I agree with you Mary. I found a quote which is very much related to your comment.• “The greatest faith is born in the hour of despair. When we can see no hope and no way out, then faith rises and brings the victory.” Lee Roberson


  2. Brenda says:

    LIFE may knock us down to the core of our souls,our being & make our world so dark,,sm but come on,you’re not the only if you fall 20 x,rise up 21 or more times..share,express your burden,your sorrow to people who listen,coz there r always,always people around willing 2 share their light & love.Remember,life is hope even death there’s hope.


  3. You said it right out Brenda! Yes, somehow there will always be someone who is willing to listen and lessen the burden. But one thing is sure we get wiser from life experience by learning from our trials and mistakes. It is our ability to bounce back from adversity that matters.


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