5 comments on “A video about the mission and vision of Layog Country Farm”
  1. mary marrero says:

    Wow! I am happy for you at Layog Country Farm. You must be satisfied that there are more and more helping you to spread your advocacy on sustainable farming. Kudos!


    1. Yes, that there are people who believe in our cause inspires us to work harder in taking care of mother earth.


  2. I do believe that when people gather and act together they can vibrate positive energy that will help them to achieve their goals( most especially to the members of our family). we must keep the fire burning into our hearts as support to the determined spirit of lola Lina and other active members of our family in developing the farm. i am a young aspirant who wish to have farm someday, being witness to the development of this farm made me think that building a farm is not an easy thing but not an impossible one!!!!

    God bless to those people who fight for this dream!!! may u continue to inspire many people around the world!!!!!


    1. I would like to start with what Nelson Mandela said,” It always seem IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT IS DONE.” Rebuilding the farm after it has been abandoned for decades is not an easy task. There were even moments I wanted to back out because it feels nothing is being accomplished. It seemed that everything was so frustrating and no concrete signs for development seen. Yes, it has been a long journey, at times with frustrations, a feeling of giving up, but I should not forget to mention too that I learned a lot in the process and had much joy too when we were able to accomplish some of our projects. I guess the moral support I got from the family has inspired me to push through. Now, we can see lots of improvement. Thank you for being supportive. You are always welcome to visit during your school break.


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