My farm life as a volunteer at Layog Country Farm

A  French volunteer shares her story of the daily life at the farm by documenting this with some beautiful pictures taken during her stay. Her photos tell us about the practical works to be done, social life with the other volunteers but also portrays  the intercultural exchange experience both with the indigenous farmers and the local inhabitants.


Volunteers playing volleyball with the local inhabitants during a fiesta at Kayan West


4 comments on “My farm life as a volunteer at Layog Country Farm”
  1. Terou says:

    Volunteering in the farm is not just work as the photos would show. It is also both fun and learning experience.


    1. That’s right. Many of the volunteers write us back telling that it gives them that feeling of self-fulfillment for having contributed to the care of the environment. Some of them make friends there while volunteering and continue to keep in touch with each other after leaving the farm.


  2. irene says:

    this is great! ! this is promoting local and international tourism. . hope to visit your farm one of these days!


    1. Thank you Irene! Yes, as an indigenous family farm practising natural farming we try to promote responsible tourism. The volunteers are staying with us and experience our farming system. Our volunteer program is meant to offer a meaningful stay for the volunteers as they learn from us but in return we are also learning from.


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