Life’s Journey

It was four years ago since we reopened Layog Country Farm and I remember that it was so exhausting to be the project coordinator. This was  because I had to consider all the different opinions from many of the family members who have different ideas on how we put the farm to life again. In addition, I also took into consideration what our neighbour farm might say about the plans for the development of the farm. After some time, I realized I got stucked and nothing constructive was happening. I came to a point when I had to tell myself,  come on Lina


From that day on,  I assured myself that in building my dream farm I simply have to be myself. On this journey, I am surely going to meet interesting people who can inspire me, but also people who would  do their best to pull me down. There will also be challenging circumstances I will encounter on my way which I have to face but also enriching experiences.  Whatever it is, such experiences will contribute to my self-development. I know for one thing that no matter how rough the road will be, I know I will make it. I want to remember what Israelmore Ayivor has said,

Insist on your success



2 comments on “Life’s Journey”
  1. Elizabeth Edmonds says:

    Almost everyone of us dream our dreams and yet just a few would finally claim the pinnacle of success.
    It is only with sheer determination, courage, vision & an unwavering faith of yourself & with the Almighty God that would ultimately bring oneself to reach his/her goal.


    1. yes, Elizabeth, I totally agree with you when it comes to believing in ourselves. It is not enough that we have our dreams because it is necessary that it will be backed by actions. But on the way to chasing our dreams, we can’t avoid challenges but we should not back out. Maybe it is enough that we change our strategies and move on…until we achieve what we want.


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