The volunteers’ cottage – Poklang cottage

Layog Country Farm is at present having two small cottages for the volunteers. One of the cottages is named in honor of my deceased Uncle Paulino(Poklang) who is a younger brother of my father. He is a person who has dedicated so much of his time working for the development of the farm.

Poklang Cottage – photo taken by our volunteer Jackylou Chan

Poklang cottage  has two (2) bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. The cottage can house four (4) volunteers at a time.

I find the cottage so simple but beautifully located almost like  in a jungle. I selected a quote which I mean is descriptive of this cottage.

” In a simple and a peaceful cottage with a beautiful view, you will not be dreaming about the palaces or the heaven because you already have a perfect thing.”

by Mehmet Murat Ildan

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