Make your dreams come true

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There are times when I dream of something so beautiful which I want to fulfill but ended up putting it aside because I think it is impossible  to reach that dream. I try to forget this dream but this special dream visits me so often. I ask myself then ” what makes it impossible?” “why not give a try?”. At times like this, I am inspired by Nelson Mandela saying “It always seem IMPOSSIBLE until it is DONE.” I then pick myself up and start working hard to make that dream come true instead of focusing on my fear of failing.

4 Comments on “Make your dreams come true

  1. . a soldier in my combat outfit took 8 bullets in his body in an encounter with muslim rebels in basilan. his limbs were totally severed by a grenade blast. one of his eyeballs was dangling from its socket. military medics opined that he got no chance ever to survive. in my arms, i heard him weakly whisper,”sir, i will live… is my dream of seeing my children grow and succeed and i will live to see them through….” it must be a miracle, he lived.


    • Thank you Orville for sharing a very touching and inspiring story from the combat field. The story sends tingles down my spine! A story of a soldier who even at the most critical phase of his life has not abandoned his dream of being able to watch his children grow. A dream which has given him a reason to fight for his life.


  2. it is but a part of my dark memories of yesteryears which i must admit i hate to recall but i thought the lessons in life that could be culled from it is just worth sharing.


    • It is indeed worth sharing! When you mentioned about “dark memories of yesteryears” then I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes, ” Nothing goes to waste on the journey of life. Both good and bad experiences shape your Mind and Heart for what is to come.” by Leon Brown


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