Farming the way our forefathers did with the infusion of modern sustainable farming technologies and systems.

It was the dream of a father some fifty years back to have his children root their feet on the land. Never mind if they don’t end up as practicing farmers but they should at least be farmers at heart.

People who have the true farmers heart he believes have respect for the value of land as a source of life wherever their feet may lead them. That dream was lost among his children who lost their connection to the land. The land lost meaning in their lives as they pursued the material dream.

Living in a material world isolates you from your source of life – the land. The land – the environment , suffers from the destruction resulting from unsustainable lifestyles in the material world but if you are having it easy it is easy not to care.

The sense of fullfilment having escaped laboring the land under the heat of the sun is a convenient excuse to muffle ones ear so as not to hear the land’s groans of pain but for how long.

Dreams have a way of resurrecting themselves and haunting you. The father’s daughter and her siblings after forty years now begin to see the wisdom behind the dream. It is time to heed the call to go back to that land their father nurtured and nurture it once again.

The lesson that land is life and must be given the respect it deserves must live in their hearts and hopefully into the hearts of each one who see the message in the beauty of a land come alive.


We look forward to a future where homage to the land and the environment as source of life becomes the guiding principle and philosophy behind every agricultural endeavour farmers undertake


Lead the way for the practice of ecologigally sound and productive farming systems among farming community partners of the farm.


1. Build satellite farming communties around the farm dedicated to the practice of sustainable agriculture.
2. Be an established alternative destination for people seeking to have their vacation amidst the peace, quiet and beauty of nature


1. Organize farming communities that they may work together in practicing and promoting sustainable farming.
2. Educate farmers in the principles and ways of sustainable farming
3. Train farmers in the skills of sutainable farming
4. Establish a training and resource center on sustainable farming sytems and techologies.
5. Use the farm as a training ground for young farmers.
6. Develop the farm as a showcase for an integrated sustainable farming systems.
7. Open the farm for guests and visitors seeking for ways to escape the rigors of living and seek solace in the company of nature.

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